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Text Box: Transportation projects 2009
           North River Energy is continuing work on its zero emissions hydrogen/oxygen internal combustion power plant (U.S. provisional patent pending) for trucks, ships, trains, motorcycles, automobiles, and racing venues. 
        At this time it appears that with adequate financing these engines could go into production in some form in about two to three years’ time. However, that statement is subject to modification.
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        These engines possess the potential to provide an increase in horsepower and torque over gas and diesel engines of similar size and weight, and they do not require any major air intake, an advantage in certain applications. They may also be easier to service and maintain due to the cleaner fuel they burn. In terms of emissions, there is no comparison; these engines will eliminate over 99.99% of all harmful  engine exhaust emissions, if used correctly. 
Text Box:         At this time, North River Energy is working on compressed gas, liquid-to-gas, and all-liquid versions of the engine. Safety and ease of use are paramount design considerations, as is the expense of manufacturing engine components, and North River Energy is working on producing the  safest, easiest to use, and lowest-cost design possible 
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Text Box: North River Energy Transportation Projects 2009

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