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Text Box:     This year North River Energy is working on several major power generation projects on the Pacific Coast. 
    These include a pending grant proposal for the California Energy Commission for a zero emissions hydrogen/oxygen internal combustion power generation system for use in educational, health care, assisted living, institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential settings. 
      This system, which is appropriate for standby, emergency, and full-time use, and which may be able to provide from 1 kilowatt up to 1 megawatt of low-cost, instantly-available power,  eliminates close to 99.99% of all harmful emissions, including known carcinogens like small particulate matter and volatile organic compounds, known poisons like carbon monoxide, and known pollutants and greenhouse gases like sulfur dioxide, the nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide.  The exhaust output is almost pure distilled water in the form of steam and water vapor, which can be sent to a topping cycle cogeneration unit as is, with no intermediary power system, for improved  plant efficiency. 

Text Box: North River Energy is also working on a second grant proposal for the California Energy Com-mission for a zero emissions hydrogen/oxygen combustion turbine system. 
This system has many of the same advantages that the IC system has, but it is applicable to somewhat larger installations  in the 1 megawatt to 300 megawatt range.  The same efficient cogeneration feed can be used with the combustion turbine, and it also provides on-demand, instantly-available power, useful in large-scale peaking applications as well as in small-scale baseline and intermediate load applications. 
Combined cycle plants using these zero emissions combustion turbines along with zero emissions hydrogen/oxygen fuel injection burners for their furnaces present many advantages over the traditional large-scale coal-burning thermal power generation plant. 
For one thing, no feed water filtration installa-tions are necessary because no feed water


Text Box: is necessary in this system.  It runs on 99.99% pure distilled water it produces itself.  That means no build-up on furnaces, pipes, boilers, and turbines. 
For another thing, no scrubbers or emissions control devices are necessary on these plants, because there are no harmful emissions or fly ash.  
The pure steam output is suitable for any con-ceivable combined heat and power cogeneration use.  The fuel itself can be delivered by ship, train, truck, or pipeline, whichever suits a particular site, and can be stored on site in either liquid or compressed form. 
These combined cycle plants possess the potential to form power plants as large as the largest thermal plants in the world, large enough to power entire cities and states.  One single plant this size could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in any one state or country by as much as 40 million tons per year.  

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