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Text Box: Doing business with North River Energy
        This winter North River Energy is looking for potential business partners for projects on the Pacific Coast, and for the projects noted below. 
The Alaska wind energy project 
       Along with ice-breaker owners and container lines interested in northern Pacific and Bering Sea winter routes, North River Energy is also looking for wind turbine manufacturers with experience operating in fairly severe Arctic conditions, including major storms and extremely low temperatures. 
Pacific coast power generation projects
         North River Energy would be interested in discussing potential small-scale power generation pur-chases with Pacific coast hospitals, schools, and assisted living facilities, and with state, county, municipal, and cooperative power generation providers and industrial and commercial enterprises in the area.
Text Box:        In addition to this, North River Energy may also be in-terested in talking to engine subcontractors who want to  work on the design, testing, and fabrication of specific engine components, including engine blocks and heads, engine gearing, fuel tanks, fuel pumps, fuel pressurization devices, fuel injection systems, exhaust valves and pumps, and engine micro-processors, harnesses, sensors, and actuators. The company may also be looking for companies capable of fabricating com-bustion turbine components in the fall of 2009. 
North American and overseas projects
        At this time, all of the company’s proposals for low emissions power generation projects in the the Caribbean area and the southeastern states are on hold, awaiting further developments. However, if political, regulatory, and financial problems show clear signs of amelioration, North River Energy may resume its work on potential projects in that area. 
        North River Energy is looking into potential low emissions power generation 

Text Box: projects in about ten western states where the regulatory climate appears to be much more favorable this year. 
       The company is contin-uing to look into wind and hydroelectric gas production projects in North America and abroad. Many face difficult political, regulatory, environ-mental, and financial hurdles, however.  The same holds true for North River Energy's nuclear-powered production designs this year. 
       Any utility company that is interested in participating in the development of North River Energy's low emissions small-scale power generation units, combustion turbines, and combined cycle plants is welcome to make an offer in the form of a future contract or a joint venture this year. 
       While North River Energy is not actively pursuing potential joint ventures in the transportation field this year, it certainly remains open to any legitimate proposal of that type. 
Text Box: Doing business with North River Energy

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